Dear UJAMAA GRANDMAS Members and Customers,

It was a weekend bursting with outstanding handmade items, enthusiastic volunteers and generous customers. Each component is essential to the success of the sale and many acknowledgements are in order but first an important note.

During 2018 BAGS, BABIES & BEYOND sales totaling $48,207 were recorded, however due to technical difficulties with one of our devices, none of the more than 100 tap transactions, both debit and credit, were completed so actual revenue from the sale is less than this impressive amount. There is no danger of a security compromise as none of your card information was recorded by the reader.

If you purchased items at the sale using a debit card or a credit card, even if you received a receipt via email, these charges will not appear in your account and your transaction will not have been completed. Please check your account to verify this. We hope you will consider remitting your purchase total via Electronic Money Transfer (E-Transfer) or Paypal. Here’s how:

Log in to your online banking and select Interac E-Transfer.
Add treasurer@ujamaagrandmas.com as a new recipient.
Click Send Money and fill in the blanks.
You will be asked to include a security question and answer. Use any question but make the answer grandmothers

This is very secure and very easy and you do not need a Paypal account.
Click on this link. Enter the amount of your unprocessed purchase.
Select to donate via Paypal or a card and follow the directions.
This is safe and secure.
You can also access this option from the web site FUNDRAISING page.

Go Fund Me
We have also set up a Go Fund Me page for collecting donations towards our goal to recover these lost funds. You can donate via this link

If none of these is convenient, a cash, credit or cheque payment can be accepted at any gathering including the upcoming gathering on October 25th. Check the web site for dates and locations – www.ujamaagrandmas.com.

We appreciate your patience and diligence in helping us to rectify this technical glitch. Please join us in our efforts to collect these stray funds by sharing this information  with any of your family or friends that you know attended the sale. Send any questions to handcrafts@ujamaagrandmas.com.

Now, to the very important acknowledgements.

Firstly, BB&B would not be possible without the talent of our handcrafters. The Handcrafts Committee extends our congratulations to all the artisans for their year-long efforts that resulted in the amazing quantity and the exceptional quality of the items in the sale.

Secondly, BB&B could not happen without the volunteers who sent out notices, hung signs, organized volunteers, provided a resting place in the kitchen, modeled and promoted items, took payments and carted and carried props. We send our sincere thank you for stepping up to the tasks and accomplishing them with efficiency and smiling faces.

Thirdly, these wonderful results could not happen without our customers who came to line up, filled their shopping bags, expressed their support, bid on the auction items and spent their money. We appreciate each and every one of you.

And Handcrafts Committee extends their thanks to the board for their support with publicity and money handling.

To be able to do what we love and at the same time provide this level of support to our Africa sisters and their families is a privilege for which we are grateful. We hope you feel the same.

Handcrafts Committee