We’ve done it again. By now you will have all heard the news of the fabulous results of the 2018 sale – $48,207 worth of handmade treasures found new homes. Handcrafts Committee would like to thank all of the artists for their trust in us to manage and deliver your items to our enthusiastic shoppers.

You will have also heard the not so wonderful news about the issue around collection of debit purchases. The committee has worked very hard to spread the word and to provide debit shoppers with the opportunity to remit the payment for the treasures that are now in their possession. We pledge to you to continue to explore every avenue at our disposal to recoup these missing funds and hope that you will continue to entrust us with the task of storing, pricing and bringing to the sale all of the wonderful fruits of your creative minds and hands. We promise to keep you posted on our success. Please share this message with all your friends who may have been at the sale.