We would like to update you on our current endeavours. We have not yet received any new offers from our membership to join the Board, but we do have an offer to fill the reworked Fundraising position approved by the Board at the last meeting. This position is now Event Coordinator and as such we do have a member willing to stand in that position.

So now we are looking to fill the Vice President and Secretary roles on our Board. As a team, our Board works to support all the UG activities and the SLF. It is a great way to meet new friends and keep everything that we do together at UG running smoothly.

With regard to the Vice President’s job, it is not a given that you would automatically move into the President’s role. Being there to chair a meeting should the President be away would be the most helpful as well as taking on roles to support different endeavours of the Board.

  1. Assist the President in day-to-day operations.
  2. Assume the duties of the President in her absence.
  3. Submit the Annual Return to the Alberta Government as required by the Societies Act.
  4. Lead the succession planning process including establishing and chairing the Nominating Committee as soon as possible after the AGM, in order to maintain board membership by filling roles as needed.
  5. Address an appropriate action plan for any Accident or Incident Report
  6. Working with the Communications Coordinator, oversee the About Us section of the website, ensuring that the About Us and History sections are updated at least once per year (at minimum, after the AGM).
  7. Consider that experience in this role could lead to the position of President.

With the Secretary role, the main function is taking minutes at Board meetings and at the AGM, plus overseeing and keeping the organization’s archives and records updated.

    1. Take minutes at Board and AGM meetings.
    2. Handle correspondence as directed by the Board.
    3. Act as the keeper of the organization’s archives/records, working with volunteer support as needed.
    4. Create and maintain a list of Board members and key contacts and their contact information, working with volunteer support as needed
    5. Ensure that the annual financial statements and the annual financial review document (received from the Treasurer) are filed in electronic archives (Google docs) at or before the AGM.
    6. Ensure that copies of the summary pages of our current insurance policies are filed in electronic archives (Google docs). This is received from the Treasurer usually in October. This includes Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policy and the General Commercial Liability Insurance policy.

We encourage you to consider both of these opportunities and hope that you will contact us if you would like to join our Board. If you have any questions, we would be very happy to chat with you and can be reached through

Thank you for your consideration of these possibilities.

Wishing you all the very best in these tough times. Fill your days in creative ways and with local Spring walks; at last Spring is in the air. We look forward to the time when we can all gather together again in person.

Annette Koelwyn and Carla Lorfing