Ujamaa Grandmas has had another outstanding year; raising a total gross income of $107,958. This successful achievement can only be attributed to the commitment and contributions of our dedicated members and faithful supporters. The Fabric and Yarn Sale and Bags, Babies and Beyond events continued to be our biggest source of income. Sales from these sources approximated $89,500. The additional income of approximately $18,500 stemmed from events such as The Justice Film Festival Bake Sale, Ten Thousand Villages, SAIT, The Banff Tea Company, Speaker’s Bureau, Workshops and Special Projects.

In recent correspondence with the Stephen Lewis Foundation, it was confirmed that, as of mid-December 2017, Ujamaa Grandmas and their supporters have raised $142,644 for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. The breakdown of this total is as follows:

$78,270: Sales (donations sent directly from the 2017 income mentioned above).
$63,056: Donations, Monthly Giving, Securities, Tributes, etc.
$255: Beds Without Breakfast
$1063: Events

Additionally, the Foundation shared:

“Since inception, the Ujamaa Grandmas have raised a total of $1,190,724.44…….These numbers tell an inspiring story of a collaborative group of women who have dedicated countless hours to a movement of solidarity. Please extend our immense gratitude to all members of the Ujamaa Grandmas”.

It is motivating and rewarding to hear the monitory results of our efforts which in turn contribute to bringing about positive change in the lives of others. In 2018, may we continue to find the time and energy to support this very worthy cause.

Kathleen Patterson, Treasurer