Education Committee ~ March 2024 Report

Reflections of a new member

A friend, Joyce Goddard, tried for 20 years to convince me to join the Ujamaa Grandmas. I resisted for, I thought, good reasons: I was not a grandma, my sewing skills were not good enough, and I was too busy with active outdoor activities.

Last spring, Joyce asked me to drive her to a meeting.  Of course, I went in with her. Immediately I was impressed by the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was so glad to see each other and reconnect.

Then we went into the meeting where committee members reported on their groups activities and the need to have help with tasks that did not require lifting a needle. They needed help with collecting, storing, pricing, etc. etc. I could do those things. There was a group raising funds by participating in outdoor activities. The Education and Awareness Committee needed speakers. There were roles for me.

I was impressed by the reminder that the prime reason for all the activities was to raise the funds necessary to support the wonderful work done by the African Grandmothers. I am proud to be a member.

Submitted by Barb Spear