COVID -19 Approach
The purpose of these sales is to manage the pre-sale inventory collecting in member’s homes
and to provide a constant transfer of funds to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Financial support for the African grandmothers is critical through this pandemic.

WHAT: 2020 Trunk Sale #1
WHEN: Oct 16 & Oct 17
WHERE: Marda Loop Community Centre Parking Lot, 3130 16 Street SW
Inclement weather cancelled the first day of the sale but the next day generated $1726.00 in sales. Particular thanks to Dawn Bolger, Annette Koelwyn, Phyllis McCord, Teresa Mills, Marilyn Simmons, Carol Spring and Frances Teves for making the sale so successful.

WHAT: 2020 Trunk Sale #2 (Yarn)
WHEN: Nov 6 & Nov 7
WHERE: Decor Fabrics Corner Parking Lot, #6, 3800 – 19 St. NE

  • Please watch for further announcements regarding this sale.
  • Currently there will only be yarn, yarn kits and knitting needles for sale in the parking lot.
  • Everything will be pre-packaged and priced.
  • Cash and e-transfer payments will be accepted.
  • Facebook Marketplace online sales are ongoing and will post products that are suitable to the format.
  • UJAMAA GRANDMAS is clearly noted as the funds recipient and receipts are issued.

Quilting Books
There is always regret for the large number of donated books that are sent to recycling. Roz Cooper-Key has offered to sell a donation of quality quilting books.It will be a process of “first come – first served”. Please contact Roz at rozcooperkey@shaw.ca for more information.

More Storage Space Needed
There is still a need for more storage space.
If you can help, please contact fabricsale@ujamaagrandmas.com.

Mona Jones