With another month passing I hope all of you are feeling safe, healthy and as content as possible. With the implementation of masks being mandatory in Calgary, I thought this little prayer might be a nice read for you. You can read it referencing a Higher Power or just the positive spirit of those around you. I made some slight alterations, but credit for the original prayer goes to Rev. Richard Bott.

Face Mask Prayer
As I prepare to go into the world, help me to see the sacramento nature of wearing this cloth. 

Let it be a tangible and visible way of living love for my neighbours, as I love myself.
Since my lips will be covered, uncover my heart, that people would see my smile in the crinkles around my eyes. 

Since my voice may be muffled, help me to speak clearly, not only with my words, but with my actions.
As the elastic touches my ears, remind me to listen carefully and caringly to all those I meet. 

May this simple piece of cloth be shield and banner, and may each breath that it holds, be filled with love.

Stay well everyone.