Once a month all the Grandmother Regional Liaisons meet together with SLF staff on a zoom
conference call. It is an opportunity to find out what is happening with the Foundation across the country and to share ideas. From the staff we hear the latest news and future plans for the Grandmothers Campaign.

At the October meeting there was discussion about the two monthly calls that are offered to us. The Grandmothers Campaign thematic Conference Calls are going really well with great
participation from groups across the country. The call on October 17th will be about speaking publicly and giving presentations about the Grandmothers Campaign, and the November 21st call will focus on strategies for recruiting younger members. If you have any ideas for future themes, please let me know.

The other monthly call is for new members or in fact any members who want to know more about the Campaign. This is an opportunity to have a conversation with staff to raise any concerns, ask questions, and give your own feedback. The calls are held every third Monday of the month so this month it is on the 21st of November.

All calls take place at 10:30 Mountain Time and are open to all. To RSVP and get the call in detail, email

I hope that you find this information helpful and that some of you are able to participate at some time.

Alison Longson