It was decided by the Southern Alberta Grandmother Groups, as it was the South’s turn to host, not to hold a Regional Gathering this year.

Groups were busy with their local events and also felt every other year was a more realistic scheduling for a Regional Gathering. The Northern Alberta Groups decided to have a mini- Gathering with the Northern groups in September.

Hopefully this will give us (the Southern Alberta Groups) plenty of time to plan for a gathering in September of 2020 or perhaps decide on a different time of year to hold one.

Ruth-Anne Seburn is the new SLF Staff Officer for Alberta and Alison and I have just had a conversation with her.

Ruth-Ann’s contact info:  416-533-9292 ext.302  Toll Free: 1-888-203-9990, ext.302

Ruth-Anne has been busy the past several weeks learning the responsibilities of her new job but she is well qualified and is looking forward to getting to know the grandmothers in her areas of responsibility.

A Reminder:

1.Theme Conference Calls for all members and groups the 3rd Thursday of each month:

The next call will deal with “Sponsorship & Grants” September18th.  Please RSVP to – Call-in #s: 1-888-884-4538, Guest Code: 3443606#

These Theme Conference Calls are quite popular and members are finding them very helpful.

The August call focused on “Social Media Tips and Tricks” and the Summary Notes were posted Friday, August 23.  Members who weren’t involved won’t receive the summary but it is available on the SLF website under “Resources”.  I would highly recommend everyone reading this.  There are four attachments and it does take a lot of time to read everything but there is something in it for everyone.  I would encourage all members to view the video near the end of the “Digital Tool Kit” attachment under “YouTube and Conference Calls: “Viewing Videos and Faces”. The link to video #5 is given. It would be a good video to show at meetings or send out to the membership, especially new members.

2.New Members Conference Calls the 3rd Monday of each month:  Any members welcome.  RSVP to:   Call-in #s: 1-888-884-4538, Guest code: 3443606#

The Grandmothers Campaign website is a wealth of information.  See “News and Resources”.  The latest additions are a Digital Toolkit and information on group insurance.

Don’t forget to let Alison or the SLF know about UG’S upcoming events.

A note from Marilyn:

I have been in the Southern Alberta Regional Liaison position for four years and have enjoyed it very much, especially getting to know many of the grandmothers throughout Southern Alberta.  I will miss being involved in this aspect of the Campaign but I think it is time for me to let someone else bring their unique skills to the position.  I am resigning as Regional Liaison for Southern Alberta as of the end of September and leaving you in Alison’s capable hands, hopefully with a co-liaison to work with her.  Alison will be away for two or three months over the winter but she will be here to help you for the first six weeks or so and available by email. (You may want to change this, Alison???)

Perhaps you or someone you know would like to co-liaison with Alison for a two-year term.  We will send out a “job description” to anyone interested.

I will also miss keeping in touch with you every month.

Don’t forget what a difference we Canadian grandmothers make to the lives of the African grandmothers and children.  Any support, no matter how small, is making a difference – a gift of love.

What has been accomplished in the past 13 years has been amazing.  Keep up the good work.

Marilyn and Alison