Are you interested in becoming more involved in UJAMAA GRANDMAS?
Are you looking forward to meeting more members? 
Do you have organizing skills and an interest in managing some of the inventory for BB&B?
Do you have a flair for display and marketing?
Are you interested in handbags and purses?

If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions please read on.

The Handcraft Committee is currently looking for product custodians for Handbags & Purses. This product category lends itself to two custodians working together; one working with fabric purses, and one with felted purses. The custodian role is a very rewarding one and provides a great opportunity for interaction with members. Check HERE to read about the custodian role in detail or contact the committee at handcrafts@ujamaagrandmas.com for more information. The new custodians can get in on the 2017 sale preparations working with the current custodian, Leslie Buckle who is stepping down after 13 years of purse custodianship. Many, many thanks to Leslie for her expertise and dedication. 

There may be other positions opening up over the next several months. Watch E-news for more details. This committee is very collaborative and supportive with members stepping in to help as needs arise. Most members have been involved for several years because we love the tasks and the friendship of the committee members.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact us at handcrafts@ujamaagrandmas.com and Dawn Bolger or Patty Cucman will be in touch. Thank you in advance for offering to help!