If you are interested in being part of a great team, now is the time to speak up. Handcrafts Committee is looking for 4 new members to fill out our roster for the 2019 BB&B events. We are early, we know, but joining now will enable you to work along side the current members during the 2018 sale. It is also a chance for a test run to see if you really love it as much as we do.

There is an opening on the Children product team for a person to act as custodian and team co-ordinator. The team has three members, the current team leader, Mieke Van Dijk, and Sandra Burgess and Susan Johnston. These members share the responsibilities for product management and the sale. Mieke will step aside as team leader but will remain on the committee and Sandra and Susan will continue in their current roles. All will be available to assist the new member take on the team lead role.

There is an opening in Accessories for a custodian to take over the scarves, shawls and cowls – all those things that go around your neck. Glenda Sweetland has been the custodian for 5 years and she is stepping aside as custodian but is remaining on the committee so will be available to assist the new custodian. The second custodian is Mary Anna Louise who manages all accessories that do not go round the neck – heads and fingers, trunks and toes. Both Glenda and Mary Anna Louise will be available to assist the new custodian.

The third custodial role that will be vacant is for Jewelry. Karen McManus is stepping aside to focus on other things after three years as our Jewelry champion. This product line is diverse and ever changing. There are lots of props for display and storage is somewhat easier than other products because, by its nature, it does not take up a lot of space.

The last opening is for a committee chair person. Patty Cucman is stepping aside after 9 years on the committee.  Organizing and meeting skills are all that are needed for this position. There are lots of subcommittee heads on board to assist in this transition and specific tasks can be adjusted to suit the skills and interests of the new chair.

This committee is open and supportive and custodians have a great deal of autonomy. We have a guiding document that forms the basis of our relationships both internally and with members and the board. We are fortunate to have such a grand group of members, many of whom have been on the committee for many years. The fact that resigning custodians are remaining on the committee is a testament to our effectiveness and working relationships.

For details about specific responsibilities please refer to the Roles Document on line HERE.