Attention all Handcrafters – we have created a new Facebook Group just for us. It is called UJAMAA MAKERS YYC. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2683255965337330

This Facebook group is intended to build community and provide support and ideas for our Handcraft Community in order to produce products for BAGS, BABIES & BEYOND. We will be posting links and files for our Custodian reports and links to projects you might be interested in. We are hoping you will post photos of what you are currently making and add content you would like to see on the page. We also would like to go live with the Rooms features so we can get together to do some projects.

Every year custodians review what sold and what was held over. You can find specifics on the website – http://ujamaagrandmas.com/handcrafts/resources/ – and review the type of product you are interested in making.
Or read the all inclusive document 2020 BB&B feedback
These resources will also be available on the new UJAMAA MAKERS YYC Facebook page.