Excitement and exhilaration, along with creativity and so many hours of dedication!  That’s what I feel when I think about the upcoming (and many past) Bags, Babies and Beyond sales.  What a major event of our fundraising year! Hundreds of you have spent many, many hours creating truly “boutique” handcrafts, while others of us help by being custodians of products throughout the year or by transporting products and setting up props on the day of the sale and after the sale.  Others of us are involved in the display and signage of items, while others are delighted to be cashiers as multitudes of our customers happily purchase their unique and quality items. And then our bonus of the event – we all have a chance to purchase all those special occasion/Christmas gifts (or other gifts just for ourselves).

The funds that are generated each year at our Bags, Babies and Beyond Sale are truly phenomenal!  When we tell our family members and friends what we’ve collectively accomplished for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, there’s always “a second” while they process the amounts and then exclaim “Really???”.  When the SLF receive the funds that we send after our sale, they too can hardly believe the success of our sale. And how gratifying this all feels for so many of us, to support our sister African Grandmothers.

Our Board of Directors extends an immense measure of THANKS to all our members who are involved in whatever way with the sale.