Warmest wishes for a safe and healthy coming year – I believe that we have learned much during 2020, albeit with some undulations.  We’ve learned the power of new ways of caring for one another and celebrating positive moments in our day-to-day lives – UJAMAA GRANDMAS members have certainly done this, as you’ve read.  Thank you for your willingness to adapt, with wonderful results to nurture each other, and to fundraise in several innovative ways.

We received the following from Ruth-Anne Seburn, on behalf of the Grandmothers Campaign team and the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF), after they received our most recent donation of $30,000.  “All of us at the SLF are continually inspired and grateful for the leadership, ingenuity, and commitment you bring to UJAMAA GRANDMAS. Your involvement and energy strengthens Grandmothers Campaign and enriches our solidarity movement.  During this exceptional year, we’ve all been reminded of the importance of togetherness.  Your generosity and solidarity are woven into the fabric of everything we do and have contributed to the strength, power and impact of our SLF community.  With your support, our partners have accomplished remarkable feats in the intersection of two intersecting pandemics, HIV and AIDS and COVID-19.  With heartfelt gratitude, we thank you.  Wishing you a happy and a safe holiday season.

May we continue to find joy in unexpected ways to support the SLF in 2021.  I wish you and yours good health, peace and the comfort of knowing that we are caring for others in a profound way.