COOPERATION has been so apparent in our Ujamaa Grandmas organization in the many events and activities in which we’ve participated over the years.   Last week, as we prepared for the Fabric and Yarn Sale, this quality was resounding!  Thank you to Mona Jones, Chair, and her Fabric and Yarn Steering Committee, and all who donated fabric and yarns, stored these in your homes for an extended time and pre-sorted there, transported same to Woodcliff United Church, pre-sorted again, constructed temporary shelves from boxes, arranged tens of thousands of fabrics, yarns, notions, books and patterns and more .  Thank you also to those who helped our hundreds of customers while they waited in line, and then those who helped them find just what they needed (or in some cases, didn’t need, but were delighted).  The Sales Financial committee and team of cashiers processed the hundreds of customers, each day, smoothly and efficiently.

Over the past year, I have appreciated the level of cooperation within your Board of Directors – collaboration and participation in Board business has enabled us to adapt to the growing number of members and the need for a bit more organizational structure.   We’ve established a new accounting system, and developed a Ujamaa Grandma budget for the first time.  Committee Chairs were very engaged in beginning to develop their own committee budgets, so I thank each of them heartily.

We thank those Board members who have served on the Board and are now ‘retiring’ – Alison Longson (Past President), Lorraine Campbell (Vice President) and Marilyn Simmons (Member at Large).  You will have received the Ujamaa Grandmas Annual Report a couple of days ago, along with the agenda of the Annual General Meeting.  I encourage you to make time to read these reports – again you will realize the stellar level of cooperation that has occurred in diverse ways – and how much has been accomplished through planning, organizing and celebrating events!  The Notice of the Annual General Meeting was e-mailed to you on April 20th, but in case you missed it, here’s the following information you’ll need.
Sunday May 5th at 2:00pm
Crump Room at Christ Church, Elbow Park
3602 – 8th Street SW, Calgary

I sincerely welcome you to attend the AGM.  Our guest speaker, Eveline Goodall, will present “A Celebration of Women:  My work in Rwanda”.  Her presentation will help us understand what our African sisters/grandmothers (and others) are similarly accomplishing too.

Refreshments will be served and we’ll have time to socialize.

We celebrate the approximately 550 members of Ujamaa Grandmas!

Cooperation, collaboration and participation – thank you all for all of that!