I sincerely hope that you and your families are all doing well, despite our constantly changing world. Please continue to follow the federal and provincial guidelines, and stay well.

Many of us received the Special Stephen Lewis Foundation’s message from Meg French, SLF Executive Director, earlier this month, on how we can help SLF partners in Africa (Community Based Organizations) respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it would be good to revisit this message for those who have read it, and to inform others in our membership of what we can do from Calgary.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation needs your support to ensure that our grassroots partners have the resources they need to keep vulnerable communities healthy and safe during these challenging times. With lockdowns in place, access to food and medicine limited, people cut off from support groups, and fragile healthcare systems under strain, community-based organizations provide a lifeline to people affected by HIV and AIDS. Our SLF partner organizations are local institutions who are known and trusted in their communities. They’re the critical support systems that vulnerable communities need during this time. They’re well positioned to be flexible and to focus on emerging challenges posed by COVID-19.

The SLF is committed to supporting our partners during these times. We’ve launched the COVID-19 Appeal to ensure that life-saving grassroots organizations have the resources required to be flexible and responsive as they meet the most pressing needs of their communities.  As a supporter of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, we’re asking you to please consider making a donation today by visiting the SLF website and clicking on ‘DONATE’, or by phone at 1-888-203-9990, ext. 0.

Your donation will make a difference for grandmothers, children and young people, people living with HIV and AIDS, and LGBTQ communities across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, we can help safeguard the progress grassroots organizations have made in turning the tide of AIDS, and prevent COVID-19 from having disproportionate impact on their communities.

Thank you for your support. 

In solidarity,
Meg French,
Executive Director

I’m sure, during the past month and a half, most of you have received dozens of appeals to help organizations in need. And I’m sure that each of us has done what is possible. Think of ALL that members of Ujamaa Grandmas have done over the past for our African sister grandmothers.

Thank you if you have already made a SLF donation. Please continue to help in whatever way you can.