Hello everyone – As you’ve read above, UJAMAA GRANDMAS’s members continue to underline our collective desire to spend time together and engage in diverse activities and events to nurture us during this perplexing time.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS to any of you who were involved in both successful BAGS, BABIES & BEYOND sale (~ $24,000) and the FABRIC & YARN TRUNK sale ($1,726).  Special thanks go to Carol Spring and Sandra Burgess, as well as Mona Jones, respectively, for chairing these sales.
November promises to be another busy month, with numerous ways to stay involved with and support UJAMAA GRANDMAS and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  Please join us in many of the above events, especially the Monthly Gathering on November 18th, when we invite you to display all those projects on which you’ve been working.  If you need help joining us by Zoom, let us know as we can send you a fun way to learn how to use Zoom – it’s very easy!  Or ask a family member – they’d be delighted to help you expand your ’tech’ horizons, I’m sure.
The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) Conference Calls, and the Alberta Virtual Regional Gathering held on October 24th, have highlighted how other provincial Grandmother’s groups and those across Canada have adapted and expanded their fundraising efforts.  If you would like to receive the notes from the last Call on October 15th, write for inspiration.  We hope you’ll join us at the November 19th SLF Conference Call.  The October SLF Granny Bulletin had an article on the impact COVID-19 has had on African grandmothers’ groups.  The SLF Pride Talks webinar held on October 27th helped me understand the heightened difficulty that LGBTIQ communities in Uganda and Kenya are having.
In the 2017 book ‘Powered by Love’, African grandmothers expressed “We will never give up”.  From what I read in this E-News, Ujamaa Grandmas and Grandmothers are not giving up either.  Thank you for your loyalty and dedication to our African grandmothers!