We received a year-end “THANK YOU” card from Ruth-Anne Seburn, our Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) Liaison, and the Grandmothers Campaign team, which I will share with you.

“Dear Ujamaa Grandmas – Day to day, you gather in group meetings to plan fundraising and awareness-raising events, socialize, support one another, and create a vision for what comes next. Day to day, you invest your hearts into this campaign. From crafting and sales to education and outreach your group has dedicated themselves to making 2019 a
successful year for the campaign. So, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything you’ve done this year.  Thank You!”

This encompasses one of the outstanding attributes of members of Ujamaa Grandmas – we collaborate in many different ways, while networking with others about what we do and why we do what we do.  This became evident last week while I was telling a friend, with much enthusiasm, about our most successful Bags, Babies and Beyond Sale. Soon two others joined the conversation so I gave each person one of our UG business cards, encouraging them to visit our website. There’s always so much happening, and so many ways to volunteer, to enable us to support our sister African grandmothers. I encourage each of you to be aware of those networking opportunities in the coming year and to join us in meaningful ways, if you haven’t already.

In the latest SLF 2019 Year in Review Powered by Leadership, six areas of work are outlined  and expanded: Children, youth and HIV&AIDS,  Grandmothers, Home-based care,  Positive living,  Sexual violence, and the LGBTQ African Initiative. The 125 Community-Based Organizations supported by, and who partner with, the SLF have been able to focus on these specific areas, with tangible leadership by youth, grandmothers, home-based care workers, and of course, the SLF field workers who work with these organizations to assure their success and ability to change “devastation to resilience”. There’s still much to be done though, as evidenced by the staggering “UNAIDS statistic that 460 adolescent girls are diagnosed with HIV each day”! I received several copies of this 2018 Year in Review which will be available at our South and North Gatherings, or by request through .

My wish for Ujamaa Grandmas’ members this coming year is that we continue to partner with each other in our diverse activities and continue to contribute to the amazing work that is done by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  May the coming year be especially meaningful, with family and friends.