We had a marvellous member congratulatory afternoon on October 24th at the North Gathering with sincere thanks to all members who had worked very hard for several of our recent events. And, of course, I want to thank those of you who were not able to attend. We had 2 exciting and gratifying announcements:

We have heard that the DeSonus Benefit Concerts held September 21st in Airdrie and September 22nd in Calgary were extremely successful, thanks to all of you who provided so many Silent Auction items. Ujamaa Grandmas were certainly generous!  Altho’ the amount of funds we will be receiving is approximately $5800.00, we have not heard what the final number is, as the University of Calgary has not finalized their accounting of the event.

And, the Bags, Babies and Beyond sale was again very successful!!! Although the figures have not been finalized, we raised close to $45,000 in such a short time on 2 days. Kudos to all the handcrafters, volunteers, cashiers and customers who have once again contributed so much to the Stephen Lewis Foundation and hence, our African Grandmothers.

We held an extension of the Bags, Babies and Beyond Sale on Saturday, October 26th at the Canadian Art Therapy Conference held at SAIT when we displayed our Ujamaa Grandmas posters, had our brochures available, and had several items from the sale available for those attending the conference. Many attendees were most interested in what Ujamaa Grandmas do, that there are over 240 Grandmothers to Grandmothers groups in Canada, and how the Stephen Lewis Foundation supports our African Grandmothers especially through the community-based organizations in Africa. We made $570 in approximately 2 hours!  Thanks especially to our Education and Awareness team, Anne Taylor and Susan Plesuk, for their time and efforts!

We continue to embrace new opportunities for Awareness, Nurturing and Fundraising. My heartfelt thanks, as always!