When we read in Stephen Lewis publications, about the Community Based Organizations in Africa, I am amazed how far-reaching these are.  In the spring 2019 issue of Grassroots, the emphasis is on Home Based Care.  The articles are powerful – I am grateful that we are contributing to these.  You can subscribe to Grassroots by emailing  These articles reminded me that Ujamaa Grandmas also has far-reaching influences on our community of members and our local community in general.  Think about how many Calgarians and Albertans we reach in our many activities and events.

On June 1st, the Board attended a very productive and thought-provoking workshop to begin our Strategic Planning process.  The second session will be held in September with both the Board and all our Committee Chairs.  We reviewed our Vision and Mission, with very few revisions – these are on the UG web-site, along with our Statement of Respect for both members and our community.  Many of us participated at the SAIT Spring convocation, which is always a joyous event – we congratulate the graduates, while making sure they’re gowned properly for the walk across the stage.  Alison Longson and I participated in the Canmore Mountain Grannies ‘Stride to Turn the Tide’.  The latter were the first Grandmothers2Grandmothers group in Canada to initiate this, now Canada-wide, event.  We celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a gracious walk along a creek and the Bow River, on a surprisingly sunny afternoon, while comparing notes of our two groups.  We both reach out into our communities in many different ways.  At our South and North Gatherings this past month, Eveline Goodall presented her experiences “A Celebration of Women: My Work in Rwanda” – a stunning example again of reaching out to our communities.

And now, our community is reaching out to us! Ujamaa Grandmas have been invited to be one the recipients (possibly $5,000) of the DeSonus Charity Concerts, to be held in Airdrie on Friday, September 20th and in Calgary, Saturday, September 21st.  This event has benefited local and organizations reaching out internationally, for the past 5 years.   We are asked to advertise their concert on our web-site, to showcase our organization (which the Education and Awareness team will do at the two concerts), provide 3 volunteers for each evening (music lovers, sign up!), and provide Silent Auction items to enhance the amount of funds we will receive.  I’m approaching my car dealership, my dentist and my “nail” spa – think of who you know who might want to contribute to our cause.  We will have a form letter, describing the DeSonos Concerts and Ujamaa Grandmas, to approach donors – this will be posted as an e-Blast in the next week.  You may have an item to donate, which we can combine with other donations, or as a stand alone item.  This is an amazing request to be part of the DeSonus Charity Concerts.  Check out their home page on their website at