Find unique items for family and friends.

Can a group of talented handcrafters use their passion and skills to raise funds for a cause?  You bet we can.

It started as an idea in 2005 before the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign was even established.  A small group of talented women began by selling handmade purses and bags at local markets and sending the proceeds to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  In 2006, they held their first stand alone sale – a sell out event.

In 2008, the first BAG, BABIES & BEYOND was held in its current venue, Marda Loop Communities Association, and the rest is a success story.  The BB&B sale, held each October, is one of the two main UJAMAA GRANDMAS annual fund raising events.  Handcrafters work all year long with guidance and support from a Handcrafts Committee. Throughout the year, workshops and demos are held, feedback is provided for what sells well and raw materials or kits are provided for many items. While some of the raw material for workshops and kits comes from local business supporters, most comes from the highly successful FABRIC & YARN SALE.  There is a synergy that makes both events vital to the overall success of UJAMAA GRANDMAS’ fundraising efforts.

At BB&B, customers find member-created, high-quality, handcrafted items for the individual from head to toe, from Baby Lily to Grandpa Joe plus gift items for hostesses and best friends and items for the home.

Clothing items from top to bottom for women and men – Hats, Scarves, Shawls, Cowls, Sweaters, Vests, Mittens, Boot Toppers, Leg Warmers, Socks, Slippers

Children’s Items
Clothing from head to toe for girls and boys – Hats, Sweaters, Outfits, Slippers, Mittens
Toys, Accessories, Decor Items, Diaper Bags

Home Decor
Everything you can imagine for the home or gift giving
Table Wear
Handcrafted wooden items
Holiday Items – runners, ornaments
Hostess Items
Travel Accessories
Cards and Gift Bags

Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants, Hair Accessories, Shawl Pins, Beadwork, Charms

Purses & Bags
Handbags, Purses, Totes, Wallets and Felted Bags
Book bags

But you never know what you will find as every year there is something new in our product lines.

When the doors open, shoppers make a bee line for their favourite section and we try our best to keep it looking good and easy to find. During the sale, Members, identified by their UJAMAA GRANDMAS logo-emblazoned aprons, provide assistance to shoppers, model items, keep displays, props and signs in order and restock as the sale progresses.

History of Fundraising Results – Gross proceeds:

  • 2006 – First stand alone sale: $6000
  • 2007 – $12,000
  • 2008 – First UJAMAA GRANDMAS BB&B sale at Marda Loop. Numbers to come
  • 2009 – $22,900
  • 2010 – $27,900
  • 2011 – $33,800
  • 2012 – $34,500
  • 2013 – $40,000
  • 2014 – $50,500
  • 2015 – $44,600
  • 2016 – $48,500
  • 2017 – $48,700
  • 2018 – $47,170

Please direct all queries to Come see us at the 2019 sale on October 18 and 19.

Our thanks:
Marda Loop Communities Association for their support before and during the sale.
Emmaline Bags for gifts certificates and special pricing.
ATB Westhills
Along Came Quilting
Swoon Patterns
Sew Da Kine for patterns
Mrs H for access to her patterns.
Sewing World for use of their classroom for committee meetings.

In addition to the financial contribution that goes to the Foundation as a result of the sale, we also support the work of local charities by donating a portion of our unsold items.  In the past we have been able to significantly impact the following organizations:

  • St. John’s Reception Centre
  • Awo Tan Healing Lodge
  • The Children’s Cottage
  • Calgary Humane Society
  • Walk in Closet
  • Calgary Women’s Emergency  Shelter
  • And of course, we could never do what we do without the support of the FABRIC & YARN Committee working hand-in-hand with HANDCRAFTS Committee.



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