S.AB Liaison to Stephen Lewis Foundation – July 2024 Report

I have been asked by the SLF to ensure all members learn how they can access the Granny Bulletin. As a reminder, the Granny Bulletin can be accessed online through the Grandmothers Campaign website under “News”. I have added the link to the June issue of the Granny Bulletin here for easy access: https://mailchi.mp/stephenlewisfoundation.org/june2024. I would suggest that campaign members bookmark this link in their browser so that they can easily access it if they need any information related to the Speaker’s Bureau, the National Grandparents’ Day Toolkit, and the trip application.

Please fill out the National Grandparents’ Day registration form! if Ujamaa is involved in the initiative. The SLF want to make sure we keep track of all initiatives across the campaign.

Don’t forget to register for the September gathering.
Judy Howe