Despite the limitations that Covid 19 is imposing on us, the energy and activity from the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Grandmother’s groups continues in many impressive and creative ways.

The results of the Stride Fundraiser well surpassed the expectations of the Foundation. The latest figures I have heard is that this year Stride had 56 teams and over 275 participants. So far, Stride has raised over $215,000! And there are still funds coming in! Final totals for each group and for Stride as a whole will be shared with Team captains once they are confirmed. Some groups are continuing to stride through the summer, and Stride pages will remain live for the rest of the calendar year.

On the July Campaign Call we heard about so many great events, fundraising activities and ideas that groups have been busy with. These include online fitness classes. Please find an invitation to join a Van Gogos yoga class via Zoom here. Groups are holding online sales of crafts, cards, scarves and many other items. I was able to report on our own Bagettes online auction. In fact there are so many things to share that I have included a link to the minutes so you can read them all here.

Many of you have will have already watched the film “Youth Championing Youth: HIV will not define me” . I’d like to remind you that this is well worth seeing and informs us that what we are doing to support these young people and their peers is so worthwhile. In July SLF participated in the 2020 Virtual International AIDS Conference and this film was shown during the conference. To coincide with the conference, the SLF released a new short video of an intimate conversation filmed at the “Youth Championing Youth” Toronto premiere back in November. This conversation is available for viewing on the SLF YouTube channel and is an opportunity to hear from two young women who contributed to making the film. Watch here. Again I’d say this is a must see.

The August Campaign Call is on Thursday, August 20th at 12:30 PM Eastern Time to talk about online sales. Contact the Grandmothers Campaign team at for Zoom details, or sign up on the Grandmothers Campaign website here.

Lastly SLF staff are very excited to be working on a new and revamped website. Design is underway and they are looking forward to launching the website soon.

A happy August to all,