It’s back! Every year, our handcrafters turn their talents and love to something new and surprising. This year is no exception.

Click SNEAK PEEK to browse. Please be aware that items are one-of-a-kind, so if something catches your eye, come early or be prepared to take an equally wonderful alternative.

We have you covered, this we know, from Baby Lily to Uncle Joe,
Their heads and shoulders, knees and toes, for summertime or when it snows.

We have a lot of things you’ve missed for table tops and Christmas lists,
For Fred the Dog or Kitty Bliss. We’ll help you out – we promise this.

Each week or so before the sale, we’ll post some shots and spin some tales.
See samples of our lovely things and get ready for a shopping fling.

This year the Peek will look a bit different but will be stuffed with great teasers. Click on each picture to open the full post and be sure to go to the bottom of the Sneak Peek page to search for your favourite product categories as the weeks progress.

Share the link with your friends and family and download and print  these handy purse-sized posters to give to everyone you meet.