As we connect before the summer holidays, we wanted you to have the latest news about our Grandmothers Gathering happening on September 15th and 16th.
For information about the Friday evening speaker and Saturday workshops see the Provincial Gathering Schedule 2017  and this month’s E-News.
For registration and billeting information, see link below.


The staff at the Foundation are preparing for another round of the fabulous flash mobs performed by so many groups across the country last year. They are working with a well-known composer to create our very own grandmothers’ song this year. Hope we find out who it is very soon! We are planning on participating and Renate Gepraegs will be our contact person for our event here. So, get ready to do a little singing and dancing this Fall as we’ll be aiming to present our videos around WORLD AIDS DAY, December 1st.

The Carstairs Grandmothers are hosting their annual TEA IN THE GARDEN on July 30th. For garden lovers, this is a beautiful day to enjoy summer. Please see attached poster HERE for details and driving directions. If you’re interested in carpooling, please contact Marilyn at

As co-liaison, Carla will be resigning in the Fall. It has been a wonderful two years’ plus of working with the groups in southern Alberta, the northern Alberta Liaisons, and getting to know the SLF stall and other liaisons across the country. The work of communicating, helping groups and learning from other grandmothers groups is fun, interesting and rewarding. Marilyn will be staying on for another year and will mentor a new partner. If you are interested, please contact us.
As we move into summer activities and travels, we wish you all the best of fun in the sun!

Carla and Marilyn