Message from The Stephen Lewis Foundation Stride Team:

As this Stride season comes to an end, we wanted to send a deep heartfelt thank you to each and every participant. It has been an extraordinary year with unprecedented hurdles, and you surpassed our wildest hopes and expectations for Stride. Whether you have been actively fundraising, or counting your steps and joining in solidarity, your participation has expanded the reach and awareness of the Grandmothers Campaign far and wide, making this year’s Stride a testament to the hard work and determination of grandmothers. This year the SLF National Stride to Turn the Tide had 56 teams and over 275 participants. So far, Stride has raised over $215,000!

At the beginning of March when we asked groups to postpone your events and activities, we knew there would be uncertainty and unpredictability in the months to come. But we are constantly amazed by your creativity, ingenuity, and resilience in these times. Groups quickly adapted their fundraisers and embraced virtual connections to stay linked and supported. Many groups who had never done Stride, or who hadn’t for many years, picked it up again. We tried some new things this year, like a Zoom launch call, a Campaign-wide Grandmothers team for individuals to join, and a Stride newsletter to keep you more informed with updates from our partners. But at its core, Stride was so successful this year because of you, your family and friends, and your supporters. We truly cannot thank you enough for all the work you put into Stride this year.

The month of June saw a flurry of activity across the country as Grandmothers strode, walked, ran, hiked, biked, knitted, gardened and engaged in many other pursuits as part of the annual Stride to Turn the Tide fundraiser. The Foundation reports that from solo participants and small teams of two or three to teams of more than twenty, there are over 250 grandmothers and supporters participating in virtual activities, acting in solidarity with our African grandmother partners.

Our UJAMAA GRANDMAS Stride Team has raised 51% of our $40,000 goal. Thank you for your donations, asking friends & family for support and trying a new way of raising funds for the support of Grandmothers & their families in Africa.

The Stride pages will be live online until the end of the calendar year so donors are free to continue donating well after Stride officially ends on June 30th.

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