Stride to Turn the Tide Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) 2024

During June, Grandmothers’ groups across Canada are once again participating in the Stride to fundraise for our sister Grandmothers in Africa, who are supported by the SLF Community Based Organizations. We all have daily activities and hobbies that can be used in the Ujamaa Grandmas Stride this year by

  • being creative – knitting, sewing, crafting, quilting
  • being active – walk, swim, bike, hike, run
  • being busy in our home preparing meals or with housework

If you do any of the above, or others, we’d love to have you join us: click on this link: Stride to Turn the Tide 2024. Virtual movements are calculated so that 1hr activity = 5 km.

Members of our team are encouraged to ask for sponsorships or make a donation to the Ujamaa Grandmas team by clicking on the following: Stride to Turn the Tide 2024 and choosing the DONATE button. Many of us are shy to ask others to sponsor us. We all know that there are great needs for our Grandmothers in Africa. There is a ‘sponsor me’ email on the Stride site – adapt it to your comfort level to ask for sponsorship. Or, if you prefer, just make a donation to the Ujamaas’ team.

Our goals are to raise $6,000 and to virtually ‘walk’ 2,000 km — last year we raised $7,722.25, by asking our families and friends to sponsor us. The grand total we’ve raised since we started in 2020 was $45,007!!! That has gone a long way to help the Community Based Organizations in Africa who support their grandmothers.

Please register before May 24th. We will begin on June 1st until the 30th.

Jan Geggie, Team Captain