Did you know that our group has a small but mighty group of volunteers who go out to make presentations on request about our local group, our impressive fundraising and the reasons we do it all?  Our talks include stories of what is going on with grandmothers in Africa, the friendships we’ve made in Ujamaa, the fun (and hard work) and the impressive group of like-minded women with whom we work.  These past months, we’ve met with a sorority, an oil wives group, a seniors community club and a seniors lodge.  We speak with all ages, school children and up, with the purpose of spreading awareness of the work and needs in Africa, the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s unique approach to those needs plus, of course, fundraising and our sales.

If you have a group you think would like one of our talks and slide shows, let us know by contacting message@ujamaagrandmas.com.

Now a second highlight while on this education bandwagon. Having done talks for our group for 8 years and feeling I knew whereof I spoke, I was overwhelmed by reading Powered by Love, the book published by the Foundation staff last year. As a member of this group, I would so highly recommend reading it. It is available online, in book stores and there are 2 copies in the library.

If you would like to meet with some of us to discuss the book, please contact Ujamaa Grandmas at message@ujamaagrandmas.com.