Time to sign up to volunteer for the 2018 BAGS, BABIES & BEYOND extravaganza.  We are trying hard to make it easy.  Please keep in mind that we will do our best to honour your preferred location but we may have to assign you to another area if needs dictate.  We hope you understand.

Below is a description of the various roles.
Cashiers will be given a short training session before beginning their shift. You will be working in pairs so no need to panic. This is often one of the harder spots to fill but fear not. Training is offered and members who have not worked this position before will be paired with an experienced cashier. It is lots of fun to see the excitement of the customers and to watch them spend their money! If you need to be seated this is the perfect spot for you.

Customer Assistant:
Volunteers working on the sale floor assist by:
• Helping customers to find specific items
• Modelling items if need be
• Carrying items to the cashiers if the customer is overloaded
• Bagging small items to make it less likely that they will be lost or dropped
• Tidying displays as the sale progresses
• Last shift will replenish stock at direction of the custodian.

Greeter / Receipt Checker:
You will greet arriving customers and hand out the shopping bags if they are needed.  As customers leave you will thank them for coming to the sale.  Their receipt should be visible as bags are marked and stapled at the cash table. It is good time to chat about what they liked or did not like about the sale. Invite them to come back next year.

Volunteers will assist in the pick up, drop off and return of props for the sale. The storage location is in Edgemont and items will be carried from the basement to the vehicles. After the sale, items will be returned to the storage location and re-stacked in the basement. There will be plenty of help at the sale venue end.


You will be contacted by October 12 with specifics. Please be patient. We promise to get back to you with details as soon as we can.  If you have questions, direct them to register@ujamaagrandmas.com .