A tisket, A tasket, Let’s Buy a Basket!

A member of UJAMAA GRANDMAS, Yvonne Way, is selling baskets made in Rwanda with ALL profits going to UJAMAA GRANDMAS!!!  These beautiful baskets are woven by a weavers cooperative in Gashora, Rwanda.  The weavers are fairly paid, with their profits going to support a small NGO, Journey House Actions Rwanda (JHAR), which provides educational and nutritional programs in Gashora.

UJAMAA GRANDMAS has a connection with a group in Victoria B.C. that is closely connected to JHAR.  A founding member visits Rwanda yearly and brings baskets back to Canada to sell.

The sales here have been swift, these are the remaining baskets.  Yvonne will pursue buying another batch for future sales – it will be announced in the E-News when it happens.  All of the baskets still available are $37.50 each.  Please contact Yvonne at with your basket of choice (look closely for the item number) and to arrange payment and delivery.

Thank you!

Items #26, #5 and #28

Items #3, #20, #11, #8