FABRIC & YARN SALE Committee Update

Mona Jones has coordinated and kept the F&Y Sale running successfully for many years.  As eventually happens with all of us, we discover that other areas of interest need our help.  We will miss Mona and her wealth of knowledge about how to run a sale.  Whatever the question or need, she always had an answer.  Mona had a full-page list of jobs in many areas where we now need other people to step in and help.

Please consider any of the tasks listed below where you might be able to help.  Contact the Fabric & Yarn Steering Committee if you have other areas where you can offer assistance.
Please direct any questions to fabricsale@ujamaagrandmas.com.

Communications Lead: This position has transitioned from Phyllis McCord to Janice Lambert.
Works with donors by directing them to the most convenient storage home drop off location throughout the year.
This is a year-round position.

Secretary: This is a new position.
Records discussions, deliberations and decisions carried out at the Fabric & Yarn Steering Committee meetings. Writes the submission to the monthly newsletter. This position requires reasonable writing skills. It is a relatively quiet position throughout the year with the most time spent between February and May when the Committee is most active.

Public Drop Off Day(s) Lead: This is a new position.
Creates and manages a system for public donations at the sale venue. Will coordinate a roster of volunteers throughout the drop off days. Is responsible for organizing how donor vehicles arrive and depart, and how to move donations from donor vehicles to the sorting area. Will work with the HSE coordinator when necessary.
This position requires time for planning and setting up before and during the sale and is quiet during the rest of the year.

Health and Safety Coordinator: This is a new position.
Recruits one or more certified Emergency Basic First Aid / Basic First Aid providers to work at the Sale venue and secures safety equipment (pylons, ramps, caution tape, etc.) to make the facility as safe as possible for everyone. Coordinates with the facility and committee to address any HSE issues. This position is busy during the sort and sale days and relatively quiet the rest of the year. Requires knowledge of provincial Health and Safety regulations but does not require certification.

Storage Volunteer: Storage volunteers are badly needed again this year, as the volume of donations increases. To be a storage volunteer, you only need to have some space in your home or (secure) garage that will allow boxes and bags of fabric, yarns and notions to be stored until April. Our volunteers have spaces that range from a closet to a corner of the basement to half a garage. The Communications Lead will give the donor your contact information – usually email – and you will arrange with the donor a time to drop off their donation. We have arrangements for everything to be picked up before the sale so there is no need on your part to carry or move anything. The pre-sort group may come over once or twice during the year to sort and consolidate the donations. While this process happens year-round, you can block off times when you are not available.

The descriptions of the new positions are bare-boned as they will evolve with time and the personality of the volunteers. If you have questions, thoughts or feedback, or if you would like to contribute to one of these areas without “being in charge”, please get in touch!

Please mark your calendars!
The proposed dates for the 2024 sort and sale are Apr 27, 2024 through May 6, 2024.

Thank you, Phyllis McCord