What a beautiful time of year fall is! I hope everyone has a chance to get outside and enjoy it. You know what I am going to say next – because winter is right behind it!

In March we were told that Covid would last this long, or longer, but we really couldn’t believe it could we? But here we are, we are still dealing with the restrictions around this pandemic, but we are also still hanging in there by making the best of it. Well done us!

As young people my parents lived through the war in England and Ireland.

Learning of the restrictions and hardships they lived through left an indelible mark on my mind, and in comparison, we are so very fortunate in this part of the world, even in the midst of a pandemic.

As winter approaches and the prospect of spending a lot of time inside, without travel and gatherings to break it up, we will need to dig deep to keep our minds and bodies active. As always it will be our family and friends, and our own creativity that will see us though. When you need a lift, reach out to us, or to a neighbor, and you will find the support and encouragement you need. And don’t forget the value in supporting others through this; it will do as much for you as it does for them!

Now is the time to compile that list of books you’ve always wanted to read, pull out that needlework that you have been too busy to finish, dust off the box of photos in readiness to sort them, enroll in an online exercise, cooking, or history course or get subscribed to Netflix! The nesting instinct isn’t just for women about to give birth; it is also applicable in the time of Covid! As the temperatures drop make your ‘nest’ and get prepared for a productive, comfortable and safe winter. We are here for you, and we will be keeping in touch.