The theme for this year’s National Volunteers Week (April 18th to 24th) was “The Value of One, The Power of Many” which highlights the essence of UJAMAA GRANDMAS (UG) and the Grandmothers2Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF).  Thank you to all our volunteers for the thousands of volunteer hours that you gave over the past year, resulting in the many UG successes we’ve experienced, despite such a difficult year.  The kick-off to the SLF 15th anniversary, “Together in Concert” was so uplifting and raised $125,000, as of mid-April – we received a lovely thank you note.  Again, the collaboration of so many Grandmother’s groups was powerful indeed!

There are several upcoming opportunities and events in this e-News such as participation in “Stride to Turn the Tide”, Demo Day and the May Gathering.

The UG Annual General Meeting will be held by Zoom on Sunday, June 13th at 1:00 pm.  Our revised By-Laws will be presented for approval by the membership.  You will be receiving a separate notification to register.  If you need help to connect with Zoom, please send a request for help to .  We’re here to help.

May you be well, have your vaccines when possible, and appreciate the small joys of each day.

Jan Geggie