Welcome to a new season and many new realities!  UJAMAA GRANDMAS members continue to amaze me with their energy and determination to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) – when it’s very much needed!  In the September SLF Granny Bulletin, we read about the “speed and integrity by Community Based Organizations (CBO) to meet the challenges of COVID-19”.  Due to the donations received for the COVID-19 Campaign, SLF has been able to maintain funding for those 125 CBOs!  Thanks to all of you who donated.  We also received a Special Update on Girl’s Education in a Special Granny Bulletin a week ago.  This gave us insight to the sadder realities, with reports of a greater incidence of gender-based violence and teenage pregnancies, which impacts the possibility of girls completing their education.  If you haven’t done so yet, do make a point of reading these 2 Granny Bulletins online, at If you need ‘new’ inspiration, watch the 5 minute video at

Much ’new’ is happening. The BAGETTES have “rebranded” to UJAMAA BAGETTES with a new logo banner.   We held our first Zoom ‘Coffee and Conversations’ at the beginning of September – it was fun to chat with many members we haven’t seen for some time.  There will also be another, as well as a ‘Connections Team’ get-together, not as an outdoor picnic (very enjoyable), but by Zoom. You may have noticed that UG Gatherings are only being held once monthly via Zoom – we will alternate the Gatherings mornings, afternoons, and evening the third Wednesday each month.  The next Gathering will be at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, October 21.  If you need help with using Zoom, please send a request to  We’d be delighted if more members can join us!

At the UG Board level, much ‘new’ is happening as well.  If you have ANY suggestions as to how we can streamline the monthly E-News, please send your suggestions to by October 8th.  The UG Board has developed COVID-19 Risk Management forms, including the AHS Screening Questionnaire for any UG in-person and on-line events, which will guide our planning and implement our thinking of how we can be a success with all of our UG events.  The Bags, Babies and Beyond Sale is scheduled to be held on Friday, October 16th and Saturday, October 17th, with all protections in place, at the Marda Loop Community Centre.  Please send the 2020 BB&B sale poster to all your family and friends.  Timed (Free) tickets can be ordered through Eventbrite.  Tentatively, a second opportunity to purchase fabrics at the Home Decor Fabric Store may occur in November – watch for announcements!

Lastly, I want to let you know that Brigitte Launhardt, Events Coordinator, has resigned from the UG Board, so she can have more time having fun and being creative.  Thank you Brigitte for your many vibrant years on the UG Board.  Brigitte will continue to be the UG Board’s liaison with the Handcraft Committee, for the interim.  The position as Events Coordinator can be a lot of fun, as ideas for specific occasions or fundraising events can be developed. If any of you might be interested, let us know at – we’d be happy to discuss what’s involved.  Thank you so much Brigitte for all your creative input and involvement on the Board.  We truly appreciate all you’ve done!