Spring may be coming, with renewed anticipation of a ‘better world’. I do hope that many of you have successfully made appointments for your vaccine, and others will have that opportunity soon. And also I do hope that you have all remained healthy.
I thought a review of the following would underline how UJAMAA GRANDMAS are indeed instrumental in working towards a ‘better world’.

An enduring and nurturing community, working to assist African grandmothers and children affected by HIV/AIDS, to improve their lives.

To raise awareness and funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, using the skills and talents of a vibrant volunteer community.

Solidarity: We commit to one another’s well-being.

Social Justice: “We won’t rest until they can rest” so we can contribute to meeting the needs of grandmothers and grandOTHERS (locally and in Africa).

Powered By Love: Meaningful relationships empower our collective efforts.

Simplicity: We strive for clarity, consistency, to make decisions quickly and pragmatically, focusing on what is essential.

Trust: We say what we mean, keep our promises and treat others with respect.

Care: We act responsibly towards our members, contributors, society and our environment.

The March issue of the E-News is a testament of how UJAMAA GRANDMAS are contributing to a ‘better world’. The 2020 Financial Results are amazing, due to members’ ingenious approaches to finding alternative ways to hold events during COVID-19. It was so heartening to read the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) summary of what we have contributed in 2020 ($79,082) and that we have exceeded the $1.5 million mark since we began in 2004!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO US.

We continued to hold successful events during the past month. I thank ALL of you who volunteered and contributed to The UG Market Fabric and Yarn Sale. This was a huge undertaking by which both goals were met – all the stored fabrics and yarns from the past 2 years were sold/donated, and sales amounted to $17,500! Many thanks to the Education and Awareness ’team’ for the presentation by Bianca Marais – it was so well organized and thoroughly enjoyable. The link provided to view this will be well worth your time. Thanks to everyone who donated to the SLF for this evening.

Our own UG team for the SLF 15th anniversary is beginning to plan for this event, and is looking forward to your submissions. The Handcraft Committee will be hosting this Spring’s Demo Day. There’s a new African Book Club beginning this month. And finally, I hope to meet you at the next UG Gathering on March 17th – we’ll need to wear green to celebrate the day, and all the ways UJAMAA GRANDMAS has contributed to a ‘better world’.

Keep well and safe.