S.AB Liaison to Stephen Lewis Foundation – April 2024 Report

This month the GRLs got a financial update from the SLF. I have a power point from the SLF. If anyone would like it, I can forward it to you. I will give you some key points here.

From July 2022-2023 the SLF raised 9.3 million.
Individuals gave 36%
Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign 20%
Foundations 19%
Legacy giving 17%
Unions, corporate and community support 7%
Interest 1 %

Programs support by area for work
Grandmothers 36%
Children and young people 30%
Support for People living with HIV 13%
Women’s rights and gender equality 12%
Health and Human Rights of LGBTIQ communities 9%

Active Fundraising G2G groups
2018 – 219
2019 – 215
2020 – 211
2021 – 198
2022 – 197
2023 – 186
2024 – 160

G2G campaign supporters
The retention rate of committed supporters is high 73-65%
New donors have decreased significantly over the years (2018) 2826 (2023) 1497
New donor attrition is high (2019) 76.11% (2023) 84.48%

These figures definitely give us something to think about.

Suko Bhebhe is the new Development Officer for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. She may be reached at sbhebhe@stephenlewisfoundation.org. Megan Karges has transitioned into her new position as Manager Stewardship.

Trip to Africa
Suko is taking over the planning. It will be to Uganda and Tanzania. They are thinking late October early November or spring 2025.
There will be an update in the next Bulletin.
Anyone interested in joining the committee to plan the trip please email Suko at sbhebhe@stephenlewisfoundation.org.

Speakers Bureau
The SLF will take the lead, gather the facts and media material. There will be a FAQ document and a general presentation. There will also be a train-the-trainers manual.

Lots of activity in the groups
Hat Grannies Fabric and more Sale April 13
Mountain Grannies Chilli bowl April 12
Ujamaa Fabric and Yarn sale May 3, 4&5.
Posters to follow.

I hope I remembered everything.
Yours in solidarity,