Area of Work Overview

You can find here a very clear and useful document from SLF. This gives an update about the impact of COVID-19 on the communities where SLF partners are working. It has key messages, statistics and an overview of the areas of work that community-based organizations are engaged in to provide comprehensive support to communities, families and individuals.

SLF’s Communications to Supporters

I have heard from some Ujamaa members about not appreciating  the increased number of emails and solicitations they have been receiving from the Foundation. When I brought this up with them it turns out that they are well aware of these concerns having heard from groups across the country. Please read the following message from them.

SLF communications and solicitations to our community of supporters have increased because our partners’ needs have increased, and their needs are critical. Our gratitude for the members of the Grandmothers Campaign is immense, and we know how much time is collectively dedicated to organizing events and raising awareness about the SLF in your communities. We are sharing what we hear from our partners with all of our supporters to ensure the broadest support possible for our partners.

We acknowledge that this is a shift from how grandmothers group members have been communicated with in the past, and are happy to adjust communications preferences for any Campaign members who do not wish to receive solicitations, but would like to continue receiving the Granny Bulletin and other SLF e-news. The best way for Campaign members to let us know what they would and wouldn’t like to receive is to send a note to

Local Group’s News.
Marilyn Simmons and I enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Carstairs Grandmother’s group when we attended their annual Tea In The Garden event. The garden is beautiful as was the tea in fine china and the traditional cream and scones. Served the English way which I appreciated!

Gramma Link Africa in Red Deer is having their fabric sale at Gaetz Memorial United Church
Please let any contacts you have in Red Deer know about this.

WHEN: Friday, Sept. 24, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Saturday, Sept. 25, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
WHERE: Gaetz Memorial United Church in Red Deer

Anne Taylor (UJAMAA GRANDMAS Education and Awareness committee) has asked that I remind you that the very successful evening we had with author Bianca Marais can still be accessed and if you haven’t already seen it, we both recommend that you do. The link is here.


After six years, Sara Dopp, the Senior Manager Grandmothers Campaign, is leaving SLF. Our regional staff liaison Ruth Anne Seburn and the other regional liaisons will continue to cover her work with support from the development team until she is replaced.

Lastly this is time for me to say goodbye. I have resigned as GRL and will be flying to New Zealand on 19th Oct to start a new chapter of life. Judith Howe will be continuing as GRL for South Alberta and would love to have someone else to work with. She started the very successful Medicine Hat Grannies but has recently moved to Calgary and UJAMAA GRANDMAS are lucky to have her as a new member.