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Our Payhip Shop includes full-length videos for PONY EXPRESS, PARASKA, ROCK STRAP AND WINED DOWN with thanks to Alex from My Creative Room.



AMMA COLLECTION – “AMMA” is Icelandic for “Grandmother” and the AMMA series of bags is named after the ancestors of one of our BAGETTES.  AMMA is a set of hard-working, dependable bags that can be worn crossbody long or short, on the shoulder, under the arm, or over the arm. The collection contains three great patterns with the same front zippered pocket detail.

  • SVAVA has a unique strap configuration that allows for five different strap lengths. Features the signature front zippered pocket and a vertical back pocket.
  • LAUFEY is a slimmer, bottle bag with the same pocket configuration and options to Keep It Sew Simple using an adjustable strap construction.
  • SOFFIA is a roomy semicircular bag with an adjustable strap
  • THORA is a cute little belt bag that can also be worn as a crossbody, or fastened to a bicycle , walker or stroller
  • or get all three in the AMMA Collection for a special price.

BABA BUNDLE – The Baba bags are named after another one of our grandmothers, this one a Ukrainian Baba. Her signature full bib apron is recognizable on the front of this bag, and because she could hug with a hug that enveloped you in softness, the bags are softly structured. Both bags can be carried in three ways; as a handbag using the handles, as a shoulder or crossbody bag using a ROCK STRAP, or a backpack using the same ROCK STRAP. Buy them as individual patterns: PARASKA and PEARL both include our almost famous ROCK STRAP and a cute little bag charm, MINI PEARL. The BABA BUNDLE includes both sizes, ROCK STRAP and MINI PEARL for a special bundle price.

BACKPACK BUNDLE – These two popular backpacks, the “regular” size Retreat Backpack and the mini LILLIPUT feature a top internal frame that means the bag stays wide open for easy access.

  • Retreat Backpack has a front pouch pocket, zippered top with an internal frame, back zippered pocket and loads of inside pockets.
  • LILLIPUT has a front vertical zippered pocket, zippered top with an internal frame, optional zippered straps, and loads of inside pockets.
  • The Pocket Add-on features two alternative front pockets for Retreat Backpack and a side bottle pocket. Also included are directions for a front vertical zippered pocket and a puddle protector.

Buy them as singles or buy the three-pattern BACKPACK BUNDLE with Retreat Backpack, LILLIPUT and Pocket Add-on for a special price.


WINED UP is a stylish, horizontally-oriented wine tote that makes a great gift, especially when full, but sometimes the recipient may be more excited about the tote than the contents – just saying. We have seen people use these as project bags for small knitting projects too.

WINED DOWN is an upright wine tote with a secret – the top cuff slides down for pouring. For a chilled wine, there is the added advantage of a bit of insulation to help keep the chill.  You can bring along a hostess/host gift in a paper bag but why would you when this pour-table wine tote is so easy to make and so classy too?  We know some people who use a WINED DOWN to carry their knitting.

WINED OUT contains both great totes. And yes WINED UP lies down and WINED DOWN stands up.


 RYLEY is a hard working shoulder/tote bag that is handy for around town and perfect for travel since it folds flat to take up almost no space at all. This very handy tote is named after another one of our grandmothers.  Like grandmothers, RYLEY TOTE comes in a variety of sizes, each one named after this special grand-mere – Mimi, Millette, and Emilienne.

PONY EXPRESS is an asymmetric shoulder bag that may remind you of a designer saddle bag that was in style in the early 00s. This is not just a bag; it is a blank canvas for your imagination.  Go all out and make the optional ROCK STRAP which is included.

BACTRIAN because it has two pretty humps can hold an iPad plus lots of other items but the slim profile makes it compact for carrying.  For an instant conversion to a back pack, just pull the handles through the D-rings; no need to clip or unclip anything.  The suspender-like crossover straps help keep the top of the bag secure while it is on your back.

TOTESY is smart-looking, quick-to-make and not quite a handbag but not just a tote.  Dress it up or chill it out and both are so quick to make that you might want to make a few. It comes in two sizes: CUTIE and BEAUTY. Exterior includes a main feature panel with contrasting side panels, and a large zippered pocket for phone, keys, or slim wallet. The folded bottom structure results in attractive side triangles that are not just a pretty detail: these triangles give TOTESY extra structure so it sits up with a minimum of stabilizers.


LAPEL is a basic cross-body tote with a twist – it has a pretty lapel that folds over the front.  The fold over lapel can be free or fastened. On the front there is a contrasting slip pocket – perfect for phone or keys AND on the back, there is a zippered pocket that closes at the same angle as the fold. Lots of inside pockets. can also be paired with a ROCK STRAP.

PAINTED LADY is a compact, stylish, shoulder or cross-body messenger bag with many pockets inside and outside. With an attractive trapezoid shape further enhanced by the asymmetric front flap that secures with magnetic snaps this bag is perfect for embellishing. Hidden, but convenient, zippered pocket under the front flap and a second exterior zippered pocket on the back.

AMMA COLLECTION – All three bags in the AMMA COLLECTION can be worn as crossbody bags. See descriptions above.

BABA BUNDLE – Both PARASKA and PEARL can be carried as crossbody bags. See descriptions above.


MONEY BAG is a small cross-body bag with a zippered pocket and a card slot pocket in the interior.  This pattern includes two styles, and two strap options that allow you to wear the bag one of three ways – with a strap as a cross body bag, or without a strap as a waist pouch clipped to your belt loops or threaded onto your belt.

JUST DUCKY is a trio of small bags: APRIL, MAY and JUNE.  This is a perfect little bag for toddlers and young children, but can also be made as a great minimalist bag for an adult by just changing the length of the strap.  The curvy flap, inside slip pocket, and back zippered pocket fit all three versions but three different  body dimensions, orientation and shapes enable you to make there very different looks  – a tall messenger, a square messenger, or a curvy saddle bag. Pattern also includes directions for making JUST DUCKY as a waist bag.

S.L.I.P. is a very handy expanding pouch belt that can be kept under wraps or shown off – right out in the open. Depending upon the size of your belt loops, you could even wear your SLIP as a belt and slide those little secret items in between the loops.  However you wear it, SLIP is a comfortable and secure way to carry your phone, keys, ID or other secret little items that need to go with you. Is your SLIP showing? 

IN CASE is a set of handy zippered pouches, perfect to use to store electronic chargers, art supplies, toiletries, projects, miscellaneous gear. Comes in four handy sizes – BILLY BOB, ARITE, JOHN and BUTCH, each with a convenient handle on one end for carry along and a handy pull tab on each end for easy zipper opening and closing.  Make these cases with one or two fat quarters or full-width fabric depending upon size.


ROCK STRAP  is a versatile alternative to a “regular” adjustable shoulder or cross body strap. Sometimes a wider strap is more comfortable but a smaller swivel hook is just better for the bag. ROCK STRAP uses a “bridge” that fastens a 1” (2.5 cm) swivel hook to a 2″ (5 cm) or 1-1/2″ (3.8 cm) strap, OR  use a “bridge” that fastens a 3/4″ (1.9 cm) swivel hook to a 1-1/4” (3.2 cm) strap. 

POCKET TUTORIAL – Ever thought that you would like to add a special slip pocket, a zippered pocket, or a card slot pocket to a bag? Each pocket is completely adaptable to any project. Includes:

  • SLIP POCKET with false piping or false binding
  • ZIPPERED SLIP POCKET that is two pockets in one
  • Our unique ZIPPERED POCKET technique
  • CARD SLOT POCKET – headache free and perfect every time