Since 2009, UJAMAA GRANDMAS has offered samples of our kitchen skills for sale every November at the three-day Marda Loop Justice Film Festival held at River Park Church, 3818 – 14A Street SW. This event is organized by members who lead this initiative for three years or so then pass it along to other members of our group.

Members donate a variety of baking and homemade snacks for sale to the audiences attending the free films which feature social justice issues from all corners of our world. Homemade offerings include Christmas cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, loaves, breads, jams, squares, snacks (nuts & bolts, caramel popcorn, nuts, etc…) and gluten free treats.

Small sample of the yummies on offer at the Bake Sale

You can participate in this initiative by baking, selling, buying baked items and/or attending some of the excellent films. The efforts of our members is very much appreciated whether through preparing delicacies for sale and/or willingly volunteering time at the sale tables.   Check the website in October every year for more details about this fundraiser which has proven to be very popular in the Calgary Community.

The well-stocked tables are staffed by generous members for shifts during the three days of the sale. Besides providing our sweet and savory treats, this sale also creates wide awareness about our group, our other sales, and the important work we do for Stephen Lewis Foundation and our Sisters in Africa.

Gross proceeds by Year

  • 2015: $1,600
  • 2016: $2,400
  • 2017: $2,675
  • 2018: $2,257
  • 2019: $2,200
  • 2022:$1274