It was a fantastic sale!!!

Before expenses we made over $142,000. This year we made some small changes and had more volunteers and customers than we have had in previous years. The Garrison Curling Club is an ideal venue with very few stairs and lots of space,

Our main focus is supporting the Stephen Lewis Foundation but this year we also had 37 local charities come in and pick up many of the unsold items for them to use. Charities ranged from Basically Babies to church groups, school groups, guilds, theatre costume departments, and many others. We support local as well as national and international groups. We are asking the charity groups and customers to send us a picture of what they made with treasures that they found at the sale.

With so many charities being supported, the clean up at the end was much easier. We finished up early Monday morning.

Thank you to all the volunteers and customers. It was truly a fantastic successful event.

Shoppers hunt for treasures at the FABRIC & YARN SALE

An unused fabric and yarn sale?  Leftover bits?  Who would want someone else’s fabric or yarn?  Maybe it could work.  Even so, who would part with the treasures in their stash?  Then the idea caught on, grew and, as they say, the rest is history.

The FABRIC & YARN SALE rose from one good idea in 2008, capturing the imagination, creativity and abilities of our Members.  It has gathered momentum over the years and is refined each year as the FARBIC & YARN SALE committee reflects on ways to improve and make it better.

Each spring, UJAMAA GRANDMAS puts out a call for stash raids of unused fabric, yarn, notions, embellishments, patterns, books and machines. And donations pour in from individuals and local businesses. Hundreds of volunteer hours go into sorting, organizing, displaying the donations and then the doors open and we all stand back in awe.

If you are interested in joining the committee or learning more, read our Terms of Reference
Direct all queries to fabricsale@ujamaagrandmas.com.

Gross proceeds by year

  • 2008 – First F&YS
  • 2009 – $12,800
  • 2010 – $19,500
  • 2011 – $20,500
  • 2012 – $19,400
  • 2013 – $28,800
  • 2014 – $32,200
  • 2015 – $38,100
  • 2016 – $35,000
  • 2017 – $42,000
  • 2018 – $55,000
  • 2019 – $53,000
  • 2020 – $11,229
  • 2021 – $17,500
  • 2022 – $65,022
  • 2023 – $115,000

The sale couldn’t be successful without the support of  our UJAMAA GRANDMAS Members. There is a community spirit that continues to grow around the sale that is key to its success. From our Members who volunteer long hours and enjoy the camaraderie of those pre-sale days, to our donors, both individual and business, there is a feeling of common purpose and working together to help others. And that spirit keeps growing. There are the corporate volunteers giving their annual community service. We have donors who come with their donations, stay to help and become Members. Other grandmother groups in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC have had fabric sales and we share our notes and ideas with them while they have donated leftovers to us. It is not possible to sell every piece of fabric, ball of yarn or notion and so we have partnered with a variety of agencies and charities in the city that provide and give to many both locally and abroad. We have made contributions of our leftovers to over 13 different charities. The recipients of our leftovers continue the circle of caring and community and support a charities helping charities commitment.

Our goal, to reuse and recycle to be green and to not let anything go to waste, is supported by other businesses. We appreciate all our business donors who have let us know that they feel part of the team.

Much like a stone thrown in a pond, the ripples reach out beyond our sale to benefit our African grandmothers and their orphaned children. As we work in solidarity within our community, we reach others both near and far.

Each year, as we prepare for the sale, we wonder, “Could there possibly be any more fabric and yarn out there for this year’s sale?” And, magically, it appears.