BB&B 2017 was a smashing success thanks to the talent and generosity of our handcrafting members. The quality and variety of products was a testament to our talents and the quantity of items was an indication of our generosity. The sale days ended with gross sales of $46,325 and the silent auction grossed $1185. Since then additional sales have taken place so final numbers will not be available until year end. But it is clearly going to be close to $48,000. Well done. Well done, indeed.

One of the responsibilities of the handcraft committee is to maximize the efforts of the hand crafters. Each year we evaluate what sold and what might potentially be a best seller for the next sale. Custodians take home a bit of inventor every year.  2017 was no exception but many items sold out and we are starting from a fresh perspective for 2018. Some hand crafters retrieved unsold items and the remaining was sorted, counted and stashed for the 2018 sale. Some of the unsold items were donated to local charities. It is a privilege to also have a positive impact on our own community.

Click the links below to see WHAT SOLD in the product line that most interests you.  This information is being updated during July so if you have read these previously, check again for news for those items indicated as updated.

ACCESSORIES SHAWLS – Still relevant as of July 2018. Large washable shawls are in short supply.
CHILDREN – Still relevant as of July 2018. If you would like to make some adornments for plain hats that would be welcomed. Still lots of room for dolls and toys.
 HOME DECOR – KITCHEN – Still relevant as of July 2018. If you would like to make aprons or microwave bowls we can always sell these items.
HOME DECOR – CHRISTMAS – Updated July 2018
 JEWELRY – Still relevant as of July 2018.
PURSES & BAGS – updated July 2018
PETS – There will not be a stand alone Pets section for the 2018 sale.


Product Custodians love it when items arrive with tags attached and filled in. It has to be done and who better to provide useful information than the creator?
Seems like a simple thing to put a tag on a handmade item but, as with most things, there is an element of art to it as well. So what makes a tag worth reading?

NAME THAT THING – It can be a load of fun to get together with a friend to make up names for those baby dolls, dinosaurs, hats, bracelets or felted slippers. We’ve heard customers at BB&B comment about a quirky name that added that little extra attraction.
WHO DUNNIT ? – Please add your initials, name or pseudonym (some of you have such cool alter egos). It is helpful if questions arise about the item.
WHATS IN IT? – Content and care for items such as wearables and Home Decor are very valuable to the customer. For knits, include the yarn label if you have it.
DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? – Well, sometimes it does so, when it does, please be sure to include that info too.
HOW MUCH $ – Don’t worry about pricing. Pricing committees will take care of this part just before the sale.
And finally, ATTACH IT (Gesundheit!) Use crochet cotton to make a string and thread the string through the tag and loop through  the item or use a small safety pin through the string. Please, no straight pins; they stick the custodians and the customers or they fall out and the tag is lost. Tags pinned directly to the item can sometimes cause a tear or pulled stitch so string is always better. Crochet cotton works best of all.


Many workshops and demos have detailed handouts for reference. If you were unable to attend, these notes can help you to hone old skills or pick up new. In addition to our workshop notes and patterns, there are patterns that we have permission to use from outside designers. These designers have allowed us to use their patterns to make items for sale. Please support them in return by purchasing their patterns for your use.

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